A Look at 2Face Idibia


Managing wealth and fame is a very big issue around the world most especially in the entertainment world. This issue has made most of the western world entertainers go to jail while the case of some of them is till today pending.

Some are addicted to drugs while some involve in silly things, forgetting that they are role models and super stars. In Nigeria for instance, most of them behave as if they don’t have identity.
Guilder Ultimate Search, an annual celebrity programme, show case their behaviour I was shocked to see how most of them behave in public just like that.
2face is an exceptional artist, back in those days when they were three in group face, 2face and blackface (plantation boiz)
2face left the group and join one the oldest and reigning records label owned by the Ogungbe’s, Kennis Music, since then, he has emerge one of the most popular artist in Nigeria and part of African.
The award winning artist as carve a nitch for himself in the entertainment world.
 Where he got it wrong is when he began to have children without getting married. I think he has about 4 to 5 children with different ladies.
Valentine is the day, 14th February when the news done viral on the internet that 2face proposed to his long time girlfriend Annie Marcauley. 
Honestly, I didn’t believe it even with picture of both of them because of many women he has in his life. Though I equally carry the rumour. One might think that it might not be possible for him to get married again. But he did. And the question to ask is what happens to others with their children?
Recently another rumour erupted again on the internet which generate a lot of comments and argument that he has married secretly.
But if the rumour is anything to go by, I equally wish him a blessed married life.
All the best 2Baba!!!