A Woman Found Her Picture inside a Fish.


Jesus was the first to perform this type of miracle when the Pharisee asked him to pay his  tax because they know that he doesn’t have money. But Jesus surprise them, he told one of his disciple to throw his hook to the river and he catch a fish and they found money inside the fish to pay for his tax. And a friend of mine also told me of a film he watch where a woman was cutting a fish and find a picture inside the fish. But that was a film, relax and read this story because you will be shocked by the time you finish reading this story.
 I went to church this morning, it was a thanksgiving service. It was about 9:45am.  The pastor call out the names of who wants to testify for what God has done for them. Names where called, the young woman came out to testify to what God has done for her friend on her behave.
I have never heard or watch something likes this before.
She said her friend has been married for the past 8 years ago with no issue. Am sure they must have named her with different names you know the situation in Nigeria now. She continued praying to God and believing for fruit of womb.
She is from Benue State, a North East Nigeria. According her friend, she normally goes home for a family meeting may be its annual meeting I don’t know. On a good day she used to go by air but this time around her friend told her to go by road.  Has she was on her way going, when she got to River Benue she decide to buy fish from those who are selling fish near the river. When she got home she decide to cut the fish and she was unable to cut the fish.  
She called her friend in Lagos and narrate the story to her and they began to pray. Her friend instruct her to pour the anointing oil she gave her on the fish, she did. After much prayer and the anointing oil she was able to cut the fish and guess what? She found her picture inside the fish. That was what held her for 8years ago. Wonder shall never end!
Somebody then confess that she did that evil to her and throw the picture inside the River Benue about 6years ago.
To God be the glory the woman is 6months pregnant.