#AMAA2016: Tribute To Michael Anyiam-Osigwe


Peace Anyiam -Osigwe has done nothing else but been a creative from the age of 9.  Creativity has always been a form of expression for Peace and the pain of losing her brother, Michael Anyiam-Osigwe, in a most brutal way has almost turned her away from the world as the pain has been very raw due to her relationship with Michael in the last few years before he died. They were very close. Michael worked on AMAA with her but also helped her get healing when she suddenly found herself fighting a skin discoloration. Michael, trying to find the cause of the problem, transversed the universe with his only sister finding healing. Peace became almost pure vegetarian and lost a huge amount of weight in her quest to regain her health. But when Michael died, Peace lost it and went down more but she found inner peace by going back to what she knows best – creativity .Creativity is a way to release emotions and find a way to create a sense of normality. She wrote Chetagi as a way to find healing from her sense of loss.


Chetagi (which means “Remembering”, was written by Peace Anyiam-Osigwe, Performed by Edge (a new Artiste that is on her music Label ) and was co-produced by Peace and Pitch. 19th December 2015 marked One (1) year the earthly body of Michael was laid to rest and it starts the day Peace decided that Chetagi was ready to go out. She is producing the music video which is directed by Joel Benson; Peace says the song was a way of healing for her


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