Amstel Malta Launches New Ads Campaign: Why Add More!


Amstel Malta a non-alcoholic drink from the stable of the Nigerian Breweries Plc has launch a new creative ads campaign titled:Why Add More?

In this ever changing world where people import culture and lifestyle, there is a need to check some of our actions maybe it worth it in the society where we live. Some people behave anyhow in public place as if they are the only one who have access to the place.

That’s why Nigerian Breweries Plc. is launching this creative campaign to redirect our mind on the need to act and behave well in the society.

The Brand Manager, Amstel Malta, Chidike Onuoha told participants at the venue that the campaign is targeting the daily living of the consumers as it relates to eating, fashion and healthy lifestyle.

The Editor of Style Magazine, a pullout of ThisDay Newspapers, Ruth Osime, who also spoke at the event explained the dos and don’ts in fashion especially for ladies. She said natural look is better than any foundation. Osime advice that simplicity is very important in fashion and there is no need to add more rather keeping it very simple.

One thing that I liked about the campaign is that it is not just all about Amstel Malta alone is about educating the general public about the health plus in Amstel Malta and on how to behave in the society by not contributing nuisance in our daily lifestyle either in fashion, drinking and so on.

Speakers at the event also emphasize on the need to know what to say and time to say it otherwise it becomes embarrassment to us, so Why Add More while you have enough.

Why chosen any other brands while you have Amstel Malta which has natural ingredients that can nourished your body and soul?

Speakers at the launch of the campaign also testify that Amstel Malta has low sugar and its good enough because the production process has consumers’ health in mind.

So less is more!