August Weekly Highlights On DSTV


With Rio 2016 underway and the 2016/17 Premier League season start in a couple days, football and sports lovers in general are in for a great treat this month. But that’s not all to look forward to, DStv has a line-up of exciting entertainment for the whole family to enjoy.

On M-Net, Oscar nominee Melissa McCarthy stars in the Emmy winning sitcom, Mike & Molly, now in its final season. Mike and Carl go to couple’s counselling in the season premiere. Watch from Saturday 13 August at 5:30pm.

This month on The Vow, Sagar is forced to stop investigations when he finds out that his family members are the main suspects. Sindoora and the family finally agree to let Raghiv and Mahua married. Aniket is forced to reveal his actual health condition and this leads to Sagar taking drastic steps. Tune in every Monday to Friday at 6pm on Zee World.

For more on these and other exciting shows, see below:


TLC Entertainment

Holiday Hijack Premiere: ‘Holiday Hijack’ explores the shocking truth behind the modern mass-market for cheap foreign holidays. In each episode, a group of luxury-loving holidaymakers are removed from the comfort of their all-inclusive resorts to experience the reality of life behind the glossy travel brochure images. The journey is eye-opening and challenging as they learn some uncomfortable truths about the cost of mass tourism. But it is also entertaining and life-affirming, as they get to know the local people and culture, away from the sanitised environment of a package hotel. Can they tough it out in the native surroundings of destinations like Gambia, the Maldives and the Caribbean? From Tuesday, 9 August at 7:55pm

Travel Channel

Top Secret Swimming Holes: Join Travel Channel on a tour of the world’s most secluded swimming holes, from crystal blue waterfalls to underwater caves! This series, take a dip in the aquamarine waters of Havasupai Falls, dive into a hidden world deep below a Minnesota lake, and slackline across the red rocks of Arizona. We also enter an ancient Oregon forest, the former home of a ballistic nuclear missile, and a gorgeous oasis in New Mexico. Cool off and slip into these peaceful pools in exciting, secret locations. Premieres on Thursdays from 11 August at 8pm

Disney XD

Becoming…C. C. Sabithia: Top American professional baseball player CC Sabiathia is the latest top sportsman to feature in our documentary series Becoming…Carsten Charles “CC” Sabithia is currently a pitcher for the New York Yankees. This programme tells his story, and shows how he became a great baseball player. Tune in on Tuesday 9 August at 5:35pm to see the premiere of this fascinating story.

Disney Junior

Weekend Stacks: Sometimes one episode of your favourite show just isn’t enough, so join Disney Junior this August for weekend stacks of all your favourite shows. There are more chances to catch-up with your Disney Junior friends this month with stacks every Saturday and Sunday featuring the best loved Disney characters. Each stack will feature 10 episodes divided between Saturday and Sunday, so if you want to spend your weekends exploring Enchancia or protecting The Pride Lands we’ve got it covered. Every weekend from 13 August from 11am. Featuring Doc McStuffins, Sofia the First and The Lion Guard.


Zee World


The Vow:

Krishi: This month on Krishi, amidst all that is happening Krishi manages to get a second chance to be interviewed and also gets very good news. Pintu has an argument with his father and makes a drastic decision. Pinky pays for pictures of Pintu and Krishi to be taken in order to slur her name. Tune in every Monday to Friday at 8pm

Snack Attack: A snack is a special treat that can fill the space between two meals. This is the idea behind the cooking show, Snack Attack. Chef Ranveer Brar brings you innovative snack recipes using everyday ingredients and giving it a snack attack twist. The show is extremely exciting with an immense variety and explosion of snack flavors from sweet, sour, salty to spicy. Tune in every Tuesday and Thursday at 4pm.


Spot Bots Series 1: Spot Bots is a play along sketch show designed to help kids develop their attention skills by playing along with various fun observation games and puzzles – funny to watch, even more fun to play. The aim is to help pre-schoolers develop some of the skills for paying attention which are so critical in all learning, particularly as they make their first move into formal schooling. Tune in every Monday from 8 August 12:05pm




Bella and the Bulldogs: Bella was a cheerleader until she was spotted throwing a football like a pro. Now she’s the only lass on the boy’s team, The Bulldogs, and she’s showing them how it’s done … well sort of. It’s a lot tougher than what Bella thought but when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Follow Bella, her teammates and cheerleading friends in these all-new episodes as they navigate high school, fun competition and friendship. Tune in every weekday from Monday 8 August at 3:35pm.

Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn: Big sister Dawn knows how to lead the charge when it comes to life and her quadruplet siblings, she was born four seconds before them after all. In season two, the 11-year-old quad squad decides to turn the garage into a hang out spot to gain popularity at school. Dawn also starts playing tuba in the orchestra, which compromises the siblings’ hot dog business and on a whim the children decide to explore the mall without their folks … and end up with more than just egg on their faces. Catch them every weekday from Monday 8 August at 5:20pm



Jimmy Neutron: Our favourite boy genius is back! Life in Retroville is never boring with Jimmy Neutron around. The fifth grader always comes up with incredible inventions to solve every problem imaginable, but they never go to plan, with hilarious consequences. No doubt Jimmy, his best friends Carl and Sheen, and his robotic dog Goddard will get up to endless mischief and have themselves a whole lot of fun. Catch Jimmy every weekday from Monday 8 August at 3pm.



The Ride: Behind the screaming fans, glitz and glamour lies the story of how the world’s biggest musicians got where they are today. From Demi Levato and Fifth Harmony to Linkin Park, the road to success has been bumpy to say the least and here they reveal what it really took to reach the top of this particular game. Tune in on every Friday at 12 August 8:15pm



If only I were you: Ignacio tells Fernanda that he loves her, but Fernanda just swears her vengeance against Leonardo. Justino drops a sedative into Tania’s drink. Ivonne makes up with Ignacio. Renata asks Fernanda if she wants to tell her the truth about what’s going on. Sara visits Elmer and finds him sick. Renata asks Daniela if she is in love with Santiago. Yesenia is about to go dancing when she sees Ines in the audience. Lupe ruins the presentation. Tune in weekdays at 3:20pm

A passion for revenge: Roger plans to kill Patricia. Sofia confronts Isadora, demanding to see Arturo, but with Leonardo holding a gun to his captive, it may be too late. Arturo plans an escape, but Isadora is there to stop him, and subsequently punish him. Roger takes Ulises to the place he allegedly killed Patricia. Arturo tells Isadora that he will do anything for her, even be with her. Meanwhile, Roger’s surprise for Ulises falls into the wrong hands. Tune in weekdays at 5pm.