Bedmatics For The Married Woman Part 1 By Adetutu Oshofowora


Everybody is interested in SEX but we all avoid the topic like the plague especially in Christian circles, yet, Sex or love making like I prefer to call it has always been a major issue in marriage, in fact, it has broken some marriages, and often sexual issues occur only because of ignorance, misconception or misunderstanding of some basic and simple things, so today I start the series of Tips on Sex for Married couples.

Today Is For Our Wonderful Husbands.

1. Dear husband man, lovemaking does not start at night in the bedroom, it actually ends there, lovemaking Starts in the morning when you look at your wife as she dresses for work and tells her she’s ravishingly beautiful, you drop a light kiss on her lips and wish her a beautiful day, that’s prologue to night time blues, you are warming up, lolz.

2) Dear husband man, love making progresses with those intermittent calls or text during the day that says: “thinking about you”, “I love you”, “your beautiful face is imprinted on my heart indelibly”…

My dear brother, don’t make the mistake of saying I don’t have time for all that messy and mushy stuff, I’m telling you how to get her where you want her so listen to me o, women responds to words, so learn to be a good word artist, moreover, we both know that what happens on the bed is much more messier and mushier than those words, especially with the sweats and body fluids etc., so if you don’t mind the mess and mush of the bedroom antics, then you shouldn’t mind the mushiness of those words, telling her stuff like that only makes her pliant in your arms when the time comes, no man enjoys making love to a wood.

3) Love making intensifies In the kitchen, don’t be shocked my brother, the kitchen is not only for cooking, we do have kitchen blues, you see, when you get back from work, yes, I know you are tired, the world is upon your shoulders etc., but remember that your tiredness never stops You from making love or asking for it, in fact, we both know that for you guys, lovemaking is a wonderful “de-stressor”, so try and avoid a thunder storm expression when you get home, then after settling down a bit, check your babe in the kitchen, nobody says you must chop the vegetables for her (though that will be nice too, lolz), but just hold her from behind, drop a light kiss on her neck or cheeks, tell her well done, ask how the day has been, tell her she smells good, even if the sweat of cooking your food has masked her perfume a bit, pat her bums playfully and say you look good, pick one of the meat she’s boiled and exit the kitchen fast. Bro, Play with your wife, she’s as stressed and tired as you are.

That’s kitchen blues for you, you see, little things like that make your wife responsive to your advances, Bro, you can’t go about the house all day long with the expression of a general going to war, commanding this and that, complaining about everything, creating fear and hurt feelings then at night you expect a soft, pliant and responsive lady in your arms, ah! It doesn’t work like that o, women are not wired like that.

That is probably the reason for your wife’s constant reluctance and excuses to avoid you, and the wives that don’t say no may just lie there waiting for you to do whatever you want to do quickly and get up so she can have some peace, (something that I know you guys hate).

If you want to get to Jerusalem my brother, you got to be a good pilot and a smooth operator. Women don’t like or respond well to bumpy rides, they love smooth journeys. If you make her day Sweet, your own nights will be heavenly.

Today’s lessons are done, tomorrow will be some tips for my sisters, the delectable wives. Don’t worry guys, they got theirs coming tomorrow, though I’m not done with you guys o, remember we are still in the kitchen, I still have one or two tips for you about the inner chambers of the sanctity sanctum of the bedroom. Remember, MONDAYS are for HUSBANDS, but tomorrow 102 are for WIVES.

Adetutu is a Relationship Coach and Teacher of God’s word.