BITs: May Those Who Love Nigeria Prosper!

  • By Motunrayo Famuyiwa-Alaka


Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee. Peace be within thy walls, and prosperity within thy palaces. (Psalms 122:6&7)

The simple prayer above is one of the most profound anyone can make for a country. Nigeria needs those who love it to prosper for peace to reign within our borders and in Aso Rock. Those who have the good of our dear country at heart must be enabled to do well for it to also do well.


The question then is, “what does it portend for those who love a country to prosper?” It would mean that those who have the capacity to make and protect decisions that benefit Nigeria’s future are at the helm of affairs. Those who love our country would prosper when our legislature, executive and judiciary arms, have leaders renowned for their integrity and passion for the people rather than their ability to dance, sing or amass stupendous wealth.


Prayers, however, hardly ever work in isolation. There are principles that govern the world and prayers generally work within these. For this very critical prayer to be answered – Nigeria needs to change her ways. It would be difficult for those who love this country to prosper when we find it so difficult to define truth. We have too many examples of the truth metamorphosing depending on who is involved. Financial status, political connection, ethnic leanings, and other yardsticks determine whether a human being will be treated as such, less or perhaps more.


Worse than this, we are a country where what is wrong is the norm and what is right has become an aberration. The person who is driving one-way vehemently curses the person who has the right of way. The stealing politician goes back to meet a king’s reception when he returns to his hometown. The one who is ‘stupid’ enough to stay content is named a fool and a shame to his father’s house. We have generally lost the compass called values.


Ecclesiastes 10:16 and 17 talk about the woe that comes upon a land when its leaders are children and they feast in the morning and the blessings that are sure for the nation which has matured leaders, who eat for strength rather than drunkenness.

This repercussion is a given – it is beyond prayer points. The woes that Nigeria currently contends with are directly related to the fact that our leaders (past and present) are childish and driven by the greed for personal aggrandisement.

To change the narrative, we all must work hard to create the space for those who truly love the country to thrive. I continuously pray for Nigeria even as I know that we will be unable to overlook and condemn the principles. 

Again, I say – may those who love Nigeria prosper! Amen.




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