Bridge Collapses In Ndi Ebe Abam, Abia State


There is wailing and gnashing of teeth everywhere by  indigenes in a quiet agrarian town called NDI EBE ABAM since July 1, 2014, after the collapsed of a popular bridge in that town called the IGWU BRIDGE.

 “The bridge linking Ndi Ebe Abam to outside world has collapsed yesterday when 25 tons tipper carrying gravel plied on it. Villagers cannot go out again except they have to swim Igwu River. We are therefore appealing to the Arochukwu L.G.A. Chairman and Abia State government to come to our aid,” said Mr. Francis Iroegbu, Chairman, Ndi Ebe Abam Development Union.

We gathered that the bridge fell when a driver of a tipper conveying gravels to a building site tried to drive across it.

According to witnesses, no life was lost at the accident scene, but Ndi Ebe Abam has been cut off from other towns as a result of the collapsed bridge which serves as the only motor-able road through which Ndi Ebe Abam indigenes (mostly farmers and teachers) used to connect with other towns.

People residing in the town have been adversely affected by this mishap as this will hinder them from selling their cash crops. The town is known for producing large quantities of crops such as: Rice, yam, garri, cassava, corn, palm oil, plantain, vegetable (Ugu), orange and so on. 

In unison, they appealed to the authorities concerned to help them rebuild the bridge in a modern form that will last longer than the former one which was made with irons and planks and maintained by the indigenes for many years. They also implored the government to help them construct the road which has been neglected for years. 


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