CACOL Urges President Buhari To Reshuffle Cabinet


The Centre for Anti-Corruption and Open Leadership, CACOL, has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to change  his cabinet in order to reinvigorate the processes of governance on one hand and delivery of service to the people on the other.

Speaking at a press conference in Lagos Thursday,  the Executive Chairman of CACOL,  Mr Debo Adeniran said “after about two and a half years since the inauguration of this government, certain patterns have unfolded that has exposed mediocrity and incompetence within the ranks of the cabinet members with regard to their performances in lines of the duties assigned to them. This reality is necessarily telling on the general performance of the government itself wholesomely”. 

He said President Buhari should  relieve himself of the position of the Minister of Petroleum resources immediately saying this will allow the president to concentrate fully on the wholesome administration of the government which clearly can only be done conscientiously by his esteemed self. 

” We urge that the president concentrates his energy on supervisory roles over  all ministries and the presidential leadership of the country while a substantive Minister is appointed for the petroleum resources ministry “, Adeniran said. 

He said the Minister or Power,  Works and Housing,  Mr Raji Fashola  (SAN)  should be sacked or  be ask to resign .

” We make bold to say that the Federal Ministry of Power, Works and Housing, superintended over by Mr. Raji Fashola, (SAN), have over the past years made more noise than any practical achievement on the ground to justify the funds that has been ploughed into the three sectors under it. 

“All the actions and policies of the Ministry have compounded the sufferings of Nigerians in multi-folds; from lack of power supply to the illogical hike in electricity tariffs, from continually decaying infrastructure to death traps as roads with a Housing sector that is ‘non-existent’ or in absolute comatose. 

“The Minister is constantly at loggerheads with institutions, contractors and even the citizenry he is supposed to serve. The Minister keeps standing logic on its heads by asking the already impoverished Nigerians to bear the brunt of his failure by asking them to pay for services not rendered even up to the effrontery of hiking the tariff of electricity against a background of a country in perpetual darkness. He made history by achieving the lowest, zero megawatts for more than 18 hours in history of power generation in Nigeria last year; with nothing to offer than damage, we call on Mr. President to ask him to honourably resign or he should be sacked” ,Adeniran said

CACOL also recommend the immediate replacement of Mr. Malami Abubakar as the Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice .

Adeniran said the call for Malami’s sack is to save Buhari ‘s government and the country from further embarrassment and criticisms within the comity of nations. 

 “The mantra of this government and one of the campaign cardinal points of its party is ‘fight against corruption’. For any government to succeed in its policies, programmes and agenda, the commitment, professionalism, soundness and integrity of the Chief Law Officer of that government must be impeccable and consistent. We are afraid, based on recent happenings, the current Attorney-General and Minister of Justice has fallen short of these critical requirements and incapable of delivering any fundamental departure from the corruption ridden past governance in the country.

” We noted the AGF’s unnecessary interventions particularly in cases of high profile publicly exposed persons and the needless ‘rivalry’ with the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, an agency under his Ministry and which ordinarily reports to him officially. The Attorney-General was publicly accused of meeting, negotiating, agreeing terms and collect