Ezekiel Stoddard, Boy, 11, Leads Church As Ordained Minister

Ezekiel Stoddard, 11, was ordained last month and currently Minsters in Churches across Maryland, including his parents’ Church

If you agree with me what Bible told us is happening now concerning the issue of the end time. Believe me its real. Barely a month, Ezekiel Stoddard, 11, of Temple Hills, Md., was ordained as a minister in his family’s independent Pentecostal church, where his parents are also pastors.
I was motivated to become a minister after God spoke to me in a dream and told me to read Psalm 23.
“God gave me that particular scripture because a lot of people, they try to draw you away from the lord, trying to get you on the wrong path,” Stoddard said.
My son preaches the 11 a.m. service with the other preachers at the Fullness of Time Church, a small but growing congregation in Capitol Heights, Md., his mother Pastor Adrienne Smith said.
He can go to the bible and pull a text and prepare a sermon. That’s in his heart,” she says. “That’s how he feels about the ministry, about Jesus, about the community.”
Minister Ezekiel, nicknamed “Zeek” by his family, said that he doesn’t feel like there should be an age limit to how old a minister needs to be before becoming ordained.