Falae Canvasses for Devolution of Power

Chief Olu Falae

Former Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Chief Olu Falae Thursday in Ibadan called for massive devolution of powers and resources from the center to the federating units.


Falae who was the chairman at the meeting of the Conscience of Yoruba Race which discussed the theme “Restructuring Nigeria: Options and Strategies” noted that the devolution must also involve decentralising responsibilities.


While saying that although the present government may not be positively predisposed to negotiating the unity of Nigeria, the currency the debate about restructuring is generating has made it critical for it to be discussed if Nigeria is to have a future.


The elder statesman stated that while there are many options to restructuring, the future of Nigeria lies in the implementation of the 2014 national Conference reports.


Unlike what obtained under the old regional system, Falae noted that the regionalism being championed is to get to the grassroots where the bulk of Nigerians reside.  


“What we have come to discuss is a big subject in Nigeria ago. Not long ago the new president my friend said it was a none issue and that the report of the national CONFAB had not been read. But that subject has become topical and like i said in my recent interview, the restructuring of Nigeria via the report of the national conference is the future of Nigeria if Nigeria has a future. 


“The options for restructuring are many. We went to Abuja for a a regional agenda but on getting there the middle belters were scared of it but I am happy that in recent times are at the fore-front that region it shall be. I called my friend Jerry Gana what had happened and he said they had had a change of mind. 


“Change must come but not the partisan change that has no meaning. Massive devolution of powers, responsibilities and resources must take place from the center to the federating units. I want to add that the devolution will not stop at the old regional capitals of power. It must continue to the states created in the regions and the local government which is where our people reside”


In his welcome address, the administrator of the Conscience of the Yoruba Race Akogun Omololu stated that the ongoings in the country called for the need for the Yoruba race to mobilise intelligence and ensure social justice for her members.


Omololu who noted that the group started as a social media group for the mobilisation of the added that the time has come to fashion out the ways to implement the resolutions reached in the 2014 national conference where all groups were represented.


While noting that it smacks injustice for the government to state that unity of the country cannot be negotiated, Omololu recalled that even the colonial rulers allowed the negotiation of terms of governance.


The meeting had in attendance former governor of Ogun State, Gbenga 
Daniel, Professor Amos Akingba, Mrs Mojoyinola Dupe Ajao, Dr Gbola Adetunji, Professor Wale Olaitan among others


As at the time of filing this report, the communique of the meeting was still being awaited.