Get To Know Your Heels!

sling-back heels
sling-back heels

By Jesutomi Rotimi

The world of fashionable women appreciates heels. Not only does it improve you look; it has the capacity of altering your entire look. Walking in heels as a woman should make you not only look good, but comfortable and feel good as well.

Prism-709 lightdark
Prism heel sandals
pumps open toes
Pumps open toes
spool heel sandals
Spool heel sandals
stilleto sandals
Stilleto sandals
wedge sandals
Wedge sandals

However, something seems to buffo me even among women who are considered fashionable; they do not know the type of heels they wear! They might tell you the name of the shoe designer, the product details etc. But if you what to laugh, “ask them what type of heels this is”? I bet u will laugh till tears drop! Aside wedge, quite a number seems to know nothing! Relax, now you can know the type of heels that shoe you love is.

  1. Stiletto heels: they are numerous and come in varieties of patterns, colours, sizes and design. It is one of the most comfortable pair of heels to work on.
  2. Wedge: wedges come in an amazing rage of varieties, colours and materials. Regardless of the height, wedge is so balance and comfortable.
  3. Pumps: they are heels that make you beautiful and can take your breath away. They give you the feeling of comfort and confidence.
  4. Blocked heels: cute and comfortable. Could come in various forms and varieties and common in the market too
  5. Platform heels: shoes that has a thick front. The fronts where the toes sit are usually thick. They also come in varieties.
  6. Inverted heels: just like the name implies, the heel is usually inverted. The heels could be curved inwards, outwards or underneath the toes.
  7. Cone heels: any foot wear heels that take the shape of a cone
  8. Prism heels: any shoe that the heels take the shape of a prism
  9. Kitten heels:either sandals or heels, kitten heels are comfortable and relatively low.
  10. Spool heels: they are low too, sandals or shoes.
  11. Sling backs: they are heels which usually comes in form of a sandal and has a tiny rope at the back which is usually brought up to stay underneath the ankle