They Have “Giz Giz” Feelings Too By Adetutu Oshofowora


It’s a blessed day dear friends and family, it’s been a while I know, I needed the break.
Today I want to broach a very delicate topic, you shouldn’t be surprised at that, delicate topics are my delight, lolll, moreover, I’m the soul of discretion. I want to address today a very real issue that we all try to act like it’s not there, the topic of how our matured singles are supposed to handle the Giz Giz feeling.

Let’s face it, these our singles too have sexual drives o, their bodies are moving too and it should move, especially our SINGLE PARENTS, DIVOCEES, YOUNG WIDOWS & WIDOWERS, who had once tasted and enjoyed the pleasures of “Jerusalem”, who have known the exquisite beauty and pleasure of lovemaking. And even other matured singles too who is perfectly normal for them to have the desire to be touched and loved. Abi, is it not normal for a matured person to have the Giz Giz feeling, it is Normal now, ehen, good.
I am raising this issue because I know it is very real, people only try to avoid it, also I’ve come to realise that quite a number of our singles are going into a lot of stuff to assuage their sexual drives, some are into masturbation, an issue I’ve addressed before but recently I realized that quite a number are also into SEX TOYS, things like Dildos, vibrators and sex dolls are now being used by some children of God who are singles especially formerly married ones to handle their sexual drives.
The issue now is this, when I ask these beloved brothers and sisters why they do all the above, they tell me that, we are the ones that says that sex outside marriage is wrong and a No No, which is the truth, but that they have to release the tension of sexual drive somehow, so instead of fornicating as the case may be, they feel it’s better to just masturbate or use sex toys, yet at the same time we also have some singles who commit what I can periodic fornication, I.e, just once in a while, “feerefe” they get someone to sleep with.
So what is to be done about this, these are the QUESTIONS:
1. IS IT OK TO USE SEX TOYS AS A SINGLE or MARRIED, (married use it too and I know) TO RELIEVE SEXUAL TENSION or DRIVE? Instead of fornicating. (pls, give reasons for your stand).

  1. WHAT ARE THE WAYS THROUGH WHICH OUR SINGLES CAN HANDLE THEIR SEXUAL DRIVES WITHOUT sleeping around outside wedlock or resulting to masturbation, sex toys or “feerefe fornication” as the case may be.

As you can see, this post is not judgmental at all, it is not pointing accusing fingers at anyone, headache is always peculiar to the owner of the head, so it’s not about accusations or condemnation here, I just feel many issues like this are being avoided, yet they are very real and people are struggling out there, they need help and understanding.
I’ll like us to discuss these issues together, if you have been in this situation before and you handled it, please share with us how. Someone somewhere out there has been struggling with this issue and may need assistance. Forget about my views on this for now. I think it’s better we just rub minds first on this.

So, over to you all. Shallom.
Your relationship coach – Tusky.

NB: let’s remember Please that your view is most respected and welcomed nevertheless let’s avoid insults, covert or overt ones or jibes at anyone. Let’s always address issues not persons. I celebrate you all.