Goldberg Premium Beer Re-launches in Ibadan

Marketing Director, Mr. Walter Drenth (right) and Sales Director, Mr. Hubert Eze, both of Nigerian Breweries Plc, during the re-launch of Goldberg Beer in Ibadan… recently

In a bid to sustain its leadership position and expansion trend, Nigeria Breweries Plc, foremost brewing giant, recently extended the brand equity profile with the re-launch of Goldberg Premium Lager beer at the prestigious Genesis Hotel, Ibadan, Oyo state. The event reinforced the real meaning of “Goldberg” that is ‘Gold Mountain’, a name that best describes the beer which is made from a unique blend of the finest grains and hops.
Goldberg is brewed to golden standard for the quality and refreshing taste that stands out. The premium lager beer now comes with a distinguished attractive Packaging (New Crown Cork, New Bottle, and New Labels) and improved product quality. At a colorful trade briefing, the new brand was revealed to key stakeholders and partners amidst music, fun and dance which filled the atmosphere with rich cultural ambience. It was an opportunity to emphasize how the beer was expertly lagered to produce a crisp, distinctive flavour, refreshingly pleasing aroma and a classy Golden hue.
L-R: Marketing Manager, Larger, Mr. Tony Agenmonmen; Marketing Director, Mr. Walter Drenth; Sales Director, Mr. Hubert Eze, all of Nigerian Breweries Plc and MD, Goldberg Creative Agency, Dan Eslekpe, during the re-launch of Goldberg Beer in Ibadan… recently
According to Mr. Walter Drenth, Marketing Director, Nigerian Breweries Plc, “Goldberg came from the quest to satisfy all lovers of quality premium lager beer and we will never stop giving our consumers the best product and services with the hope of bringing them satisfaction. And to our distributors and consumers, this re-launch is definitely going to be a new golden business experience”.
Mr. Drenth reassured consumers that in terms of pricing, Goldberg has a new pricing position different from other beers from the stables of Nigeria breweries.“A lot of our consumers who desire high quality premium lager beer but cannot afford the likes of Heineken, Star or Gulder lager beer now have Goldberg, a premium beer with excellence bottle look, stamped with a crest of quality and also brewed under the supervision of Nigerian Breweries Plc’ he added.
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