Google To Acquire Whatsapp!

Rumour has it that Google is negotiating an acquisition of popular cross platform messaging service WhatsApp.  The sources also add that, the WhatsApp team is pushing hard for a price around $1 billion.
The source also add that the idea is for Google to tie up all of its messaging services in a project called Babel and Mountain View could use the WhatsApp team to help it behind the scenes with the technology. 
There is no assurance that a deal between WhatsApp and Google can be reached. Late last year, the two were said to be discussing an acquisition which never made it past the talking stage. At that time, Facebook was also said to be interested in the messaging app. 
Users of WhatsApp pay $1 for the service with iOS users paying at the time of download while Android users pay after a free first year. Not only is it the second most popular paid app in the Apple App Store, it carried an incredible 18 billion messages on New Year’s Eve. Some estimates have the app pulling in about $100 million a year in revenue.