Google To Offer Wireless Telecom!


Google has announced the plans to offer its own U.S. cellular network service in a bid to improve connectivity on mobile phones.Google’s Senior Vice President of Products, Sundar Pichai made this known at the Mobile World Congress wireless show in Barcelona.

Pichai describe the new service as an experiment. He said Google is working with wireless companies to offer the service which will be announced in “the coming months.”

“I think we are at a stage where it is important to think about hardware, software and connectability together,” Pichai added.

Pichai insisted that the “project” was not a threat to traditional telephone and Internet service providers.

“We don’t intend to be a network operator at scale,” he said. “Our goal here is to drive a set of innovations which we think the ecosystem should evolve and hopefully will get traction.”

Google has reportedly held talks with the two smallest U.S. wireless carriers, Spring and T-Mobile, he concluded.