How Sterling Bank Steals The Weekend On Social Media


Over the years Nigerian banks have embark on innovation in delivering effective services to their customers. From ATM to internet banking, codes, apps and many other ways.

As internet penetrations increases and social media is gaining ground in Nigeria and many young people tends to live most of their lives on social media, banks also tapped into the advantage through digital marketing.

All these banks now have full presence on the internet and social media, it’s a war of competition. All these banks hired digital marketers, social media influential and bloggers to get their messages across to the teeming social media users across all platform.

Today, to open account with any bank can easily be done on social media. The banks makes their positions on many issues known on social media. It has become the best way of communication, information and easy engagement between the banks and customers.

You can actually perform all transactions using your smartphone from anywhere once you are connect with an internet and with the help of apps or codes.

On social media #Hashtag is one the main tools for digital campaign. Some of them intentionally dropped #Hashtag on a platform like #Twitter with a promise of incentives, with creative video ads, videos, graphics and many more just to trend online.

Like this weekend, one of the generation banks have already have an event planned to trend for the whole weekend but to a greater surprise to many of us online, sterling bank also came up with an event called sterling bank stew with the #Hashtag #Sterlingbank and hired digital marketers to get the campaign across to the teeming #Twitter users which then trend for hours more than the initial planned event by other bank.

The two event of the banks was held very close to each other on the Island and the #Hashtag #Sterlingbank trend across the micro-blogging site for hours on Saturday.

#Sterlingbank must have hired some of the best digital marketer wizard in the country to be able to do this fantastic job online.

The bank might not be the biggest in the country but their antics is the revelation of the year.

I wish I have opportunity to meet those wizard to ask them question and also learn from them.

Looking forward for more of surprises like this in future.



Damilare Bankole
Managing Editor,
Twitter: @amDamilare
WhatsApp: +2348025837037