Importing foods is unacceptable –Pres. Goodluck Jonathan

Mr. Goodluck Jonathan, President, Federal Republic of Nigeria

We are importing foods worth of 10billion dollars on annual basis and it’s unacceptable. We import wheat, rice, sugar and many households’ goods and government will no longer tolerate it anymore. This is coming from the president during his live broadcast to celebrate his one year in the office and also celebrate democracy day.
About a month ago, the president launches cassava flour and bread. He also instructs that as from today he must not be served any foreign bread again. He has also draft a bill to the senate for accent on cassava.
Analyst says that bread made from cassava is even better than the one made from flour. The president also said that by the end of 2013 Nigeria will be exporting up to 20,000 tonnes of cassava to Chinawhich in turn generate about 136,000 dollars for the government..
I eat locally made bread from cassava flour and appeal Nigerians to embrace the change. He said this will provide jobs for many youth in the country.

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