In 2018, 82% Of All Consumer Internet Traffic Will Be Video


The storm in the media industry since the advent of social media few years ago is moving fast in a very high speed.

Video is considered before as something we watch at home with our friends and family probably sometime on television stations or through compact discs (CD), DVD and now HD. Trust me, gone are those days.

You won’t imagine the number of people watching videos on Youtube and infact, pornography websites has the highest organic traffic in the world today, you can search the internet to confirm it.

So in 2017, advertising companies introduced video ads; a short 10seconds advert that tells consumers about the advertisers away from normal digital ads that we all know.

In 2018, Cisco forecasts that 82% of all consumer Internet traffic will be video. So, for videographers that’s business.

But trust me; anyone can be a videographer provided that you have a smart phone that can do videos.

It doesn’t take a crystal ball to see that video is the future, not just of social media but of the Internet in general.. Live and recorded video and video ads increasingly dominate our feeds across Facebook and Snapchat and are surging on Instagram, Twitter and even LinkedIn. Nearly half of businesses are already implementing social videos, with another 26% planning to implement in 2018.

Ultimately, who’s watching your videos—and what they do after they watch—is far more important than how many people are watching. Going “viral” doesn’t mean much, after all, if you’re not reaching actual customers who want to buy something.