Kevin Costner on Houston’s Funeral, His Song for Fallen Soldiers


Barely two months after the death of pop star Whitney Houston, during the burial  Kevin Costner eulogized his friend and co-star in “The Bodyguard” Whitney  Houston, he reveal that only after he was asked to speak at her funeral was he able to find the words to match his emotions.

In His word “The way we work now, everyone needs to talk about it and people certainly wanted me to talk about it and I didn’t really have the words at that point,” Costner told ABC News’ Diane Sawyer. “Dionne Warwick called me and said, ‘would you speak?’ And I could feel how broken she was and how tired she was, and I said that I would. I think the moment I said I would; I went ‘Oh my God. What have I just done?’ Because, that’s such a specific moment and to so many people and I’m thinking … why am I speaking? Why am I there?”

He said Whitney Houston share his interest and value. The both grew up in Catholic Church. Costner recalled Houston’s nervousness when she had to do a screen test for the role of singer Rachel Marron in the movie.

“The Whitney I knew was still wondering if I’m good enough. Am I pretty enough? Will they like me?” he said. “It was what made her great, and what caused her to stumble at the end.”
Costner is now lending his words to another meaningful ceremony on April 14, helping dedicate a memorial in honor of the soldiers from the 11th Aviation Command in Fort Knox, Ky., who was killed in the war on terror.

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