Lack Of Trust, Causes Of Tension, Economic Standstill -Maharaj Ji

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The founder of One Love Family, Satguru Maharaj Ji, has Maharaj Ji has disclosed that one of the causes of tension and economic standstill in the country was as a result of lack of trust and cooperation among the leaders and people of the country at large.


He affirmed that one of the solutions to the problems facing the county is for all Nigerians to have it at the back of their mind that “Every Nigerian of the right age as stipulated by constitution has right to aspire to lead the country.


He made these revelations while addressing a press conference on the state of the nation as parts of activities marking the 31st anniversary of Satguru Maharaj Ji reincarnation in Nigeria.


Maharaj Ji in his 22-page press statement titled “Salvage Nigeria, Emancipate Africa, Let us re-make the World” which was made available to journalists, insisted that the establishment of state police is long overdue. 


He matained that his love for Nigeria propelled him to to reveal the country’s problems and proffer solutions.


According to him, “I did say earlier that I love Nigeria. Indeed, I do. My love for Nigeria does not permit me to pretend over its challenges. It commits me to truth and sincerity on matters that relates to our collective existence either as a country or as a race. 


Maharaj Ji insisted that there are still men and women of good characters in government, noted that “There are those men and women of high integrity and have sound mental power in leadership who deserve our praise and encouragement.


“It is time for us to seek the wisdom and diligence of such Nigerians over the noise and deceptions of familiar Northern and Southern faces of pillage, primitive material consumption and absolute shamelessness.


“Nigeria is a prime target of Western and Eastern imperialists whose racist inclinations avail them the stubborn but vulnerable disposition to keep Nigerians groping in darkness and confusion. 


Maharaj Ji pointed out that the recent statement of Rtd General T.Y. Danjuma and the statement credited to Governor Ifeyanyi Okowa of Delta State that they pay herdsmen to protect the lives of Deltans were enough evidence for the Federal government and some states like Oyo, Ogun, Ondo, Lagos, Delta, Balyesa, Rivers and Zamfara to urgently establish their own state Police. 


“The revelation by the esteem Rtd. General of the existence of s secret covert plan to eliminate non Muslim Hausas and Southerners through ethnic cleansing and the increased spate of herdsmen killings of fellow Nigerians here and there and the recent statement credited to the Governor of Delta State that they pay herdsmen to protect the lives of Deltans, it has become imperative that the Federal government should see the urgency in accepting fully the establishment of State Police. 


“We are therefore, recommending that Oyo, Ogun, Ondo, Lagos, Delta, Balyesa, Rivers, Zamfara should as a matter of urgency see the need to initiate steps to create what we can call Builders Bongade to not only protect the people but do some other services like health officers, informants, civil defence corps on a salary of N100,000 per month. 


“Recently, we have had neighborhood watch in Lagos attacked by the Northern elites who always manipulate the banks, police and the Arny to do their biddings. Rivers is facing opposition from Mafia for seeking to protect the people from any unforseen attacks. 


“For the sake of Nigeria, Nigerians and African, there is a need for state Police now to ensure safety and security of citizens and of course social coherence”.


Raji Adebayo, Ibadan
Editor, Editor, South-West.
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