M.K.O Abiola, Hope 93’’: Is Hope Still Alive?


19 years ago just like yesterday, when the fight for freedom now democracy begun.  MKO Abiola contested for president in 1993 under Social Democratic Party (SDP).  He campaign for a just cause and tagged his campaign “Hope 93”.  
The election was held under the then military junta Gen. Babangida (Rtd). He won the election and it was said to be the fairest and freest election in the history of Nigeria. Gen. Babangida (Rtd) annulled the election which triggers trouble across the country.
Chief Abiola,his wife Kudirat and well meaning Nigerians troop to the streets of Nigeria to defend their vote and also to claim their right.
Chief Abiola was arrested during this protest and detained. I have been arrested; I have been taking to detention, that’s Chief Abiola speaking to BBC Radio on the phone immediately after he was arrested.
Chief MKO Abiola and his wife Kudirat died during this fight and many other Nigerians also lost their lives. Homes were destroyed; thousands lost their lives during this protest. The fight for freedom.
Media houses were affected, locked down, properties burnt. Some have to fly to other country for escape.
Many who were affected will never forget till they die.
Ladies and gentlemen, one way or the other some people have laid down their lives and give birth to a baby called democracy for over 13years. If a 13 years old still making use of pampers, if you agree with me something his wrong somewhere. But that’s not the end, correction is still possible.
Chief MKO Abiola campaign for Hope, 19 years on, if I may asked “is hope still alive? I leave you to do justice to the question.
 God Bless Nigeria!!!