The Make Him Sweat Policy –Adetutu Oshofowora


It use to happen back then in our days and I was surprised it’s still happening!

This idea of a Babe knowing that this guy is it, all bases have been covered, he’s the one for her and then she’s still giving Bro serious headache, asking him to wait, she wants to pray more and be sure before she gives him an answer, all because she thinks the harder she plays to get, the more he will value her. Seriously!

Babes out there, I beg wake up and stop wasting unnecessary time o, emphasis on unnecessary, making a good guy you like and are sure you wanna go for to sweat just to increase your value with him is nonsense really. Stressing him will not increase your value one bit, if a man values you, he values you, whether you make him sweat or not makes no difference. In fact, this funny sentiment has made many ladies to loose great guys. Bro will foriti foriti foriti (wait wait wait) till he becomes bald like an Eagle, then when he gets fed up and decides to move on, you say he doesn’t have staying power, there is a difference between staying power and decaying power please. The strange thing is that sometimes we both know that you have been eyeing Bro o, praying he should come sef, Bro now finally came, you still now are praying for one year to give him answer, I don’t get you at all.

why must the poor guy develop white hair in the process of waiting for you to hear from God, two years, you are still hearing from God, kilode! God is not a stammerer now, even a stammerer would have finished saying “marry him” or “send him away” in two years!.
So Sis, I’m not saying be cheap or desperate, you are a queen, but I’m saying, once you know it’s Him, don’t stress him, remember that he’s also a King and the king’s business demands haste and you are not the only queen in the kingdom. So if it’s him, stop wasting his time, accept him and if it’s not him, stop using him as your emotional panache, enjoying his attention, loose him and let him go. Just saying.
Your relationship coach – Tusky.