Nigeria Has 216 Million Connected Telephone Lines –NCC


Nigeria has about 216 million connected telephone lines this according to Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC).

According to a report, a 3-month period, exactly 1,270,766 telephone lines have been added to the ones that were already existing this increase came despite the fluctuation in Nigeria’s telephone density that is, the number of telephone connections per one hundred individuals living in an area.

Meanwhile, out of those 216 million lines that have been connected, only 149 million are active. GSM operators run 147 million lines, 1.2 million are CDMA-controlled, and fixed wired/wireless operators have 176,579 lines.

However, NCC’s analysis reveals that MTN has the largest market share of all the GSM operators with 39% (57 million subscribers). Followed by Globacom with 23% (34.6 million subscribers), Airtel also have 23% with 33.9 million subscribers. Etisalat has 15% market share with 21.8 million subscribers.

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