Nigeria, You’re Very Good -Bishop Ricardo Sio

Bishop Ricardo Sio
He’s known as Bishop of prosperity, his believe is that “lack of money is the root of all evils.” Ricardo Sio is a bishop from Philippine. He’s known for preaching prosperity across the word.
The 56 year-old Ricardo Sio, has long made his pile, owning 30 branches of Sioland Supermart and Hypermart chains in the Southern Tagalog region and 16 branches in Metro Manila. 
In 2012, he put up a “School of Prosperity” for everyone who wants to get rich.
He’s the picture of a man who is at ease with his world and knows his God-given power and makes use of it at every point in time in the right way.
He was born in Candelaria, Quezon, at age 15; Sio’s business-minded parents guided him to engage in trading and entrepreneurship while still in school. He got his first-hand experience in their family’s warehouse and textile business.
This happen to be his second time to visit Nigeria, I feel at home whenever I’m in Nigeria he said.
The first time I visited Nigeria, it’s just like I’m in America, United Kingdom. Nigeria is a good country full of good people he added.
The prosperity Bishop as he’s fondly called visited the Grace Assembly Church in Lagos early today where he preaches the word of prosperity.
He warned Nigerians to stop murmuring and complaining about the country instead to start thanking God and praying for the country. He warned them to stop cursing the country. He made mention of children of Israelites as example, the journey that was suppose to take them 40 days now end up in 4o years.
Pastor Femi Paul and his wife Minister Evelyn
He said Nigeria is good country he quotes Genesis 1 verse 4 which says, and God saw the light, that it was very good….
He appealed to Nigerians to take dominion and rule the earth. He also advises Christians’ to take part in politics saying it is then they can change the country to a better place they desire.
While thanking the Senior Pastor Grace Assembly Church, Femi Paul, his wife Minister Evelyn and church for hosting him, he said he loves the country and the people and describe the church a very good cathedral.