NIM Endorses Fayemi Ahead Of Ekiti 2018 Gubernatorial Election

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Following series of consultations and Townhall meetings with stakeholders and the Ekiti electorate, the Nigeria Intervention Movement (NIM) has finally endorsed the candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Dr. Kayode Fayemi for the office of the Governor of Ekiti State.

In a statement jointly signed by the  coordinator of NIM, Ekiti State Chapter, Mr. Moses Jolayemi and the National Secretary, Prof Anthony Kila, the intervention movement said it zeroed in on Fayemi after due diligence has been carried out on the leading  candidates for the coveted position of the  Governor of Ekiti state.

According to Jolayemi, Ekiti people,  from all indications appear weary of romancing poverty and promoting the institutionalization of pittance and tokenism which they said have been their lot in the last over three and half years that the present administration has been in the saddle.

The assignment, which NIM was given by its national body was to comb the political landscape of Ekiti and recruit a competent chief executive officer to serve the people of the statefor the next four years.

A joint press conference was held Tuesday in Ado Ekiti by the duo of Jolayemi and Kila where they both reported that NIM had concluded it’s assignment and would formally endorse a candidate who encapsulated the hopes and aspirations of Ekiti people.

“That candidate whose philosophies and Programmes appear capable of taking Ekiti state out of the woods, as things stand today is Dr. Kayode Fayemi”, Jolayemi stated.

He further explained that in selecting a candidate for  endorsement, no consideration was given to party affiliation but strictly on individual merit and ability to deliver good governance.

According to Kila, NIM has succeeded in recruiting for Ekiti a competent CEO who has met the criteria and provisions of the NIM.

The movement, Jolayemi disclosed has over 100,000 registered members who are eligible to vote on Saturday.

Both Kila and Jolayemi therefore called on all its members in the 16 Local Governments to go out en-masse on Saturday to choose their next governor.

Furthermore, Jolayemi told journalists yesterday in Ado Ekiti that since NIM is not a political party and has no pact signed with any of the parties. “It should not come as a surprise therefore, if NIM backs a candidate in Party A in Ekiti today and supports another candidate in party B tomorrow. All we care for is getting the round peg to fill the round hole for the good of all”

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