No-Slips Is Bringing Safety To Hotels And Restaurants -Igbinidu

L-R Henry Agbebire, Director, Charles Igbinidu Executive Chairman, both of No-Slips Limited and Chris Oloko, Authorised Service Partner

Hotels and restaurants in Nigeria can now guarantee their customers a safer and healthier floor, swimming pool areas and bathtubs with the advent of Surestep’s anti-slips products into the country.

This was made known at a press conference by the Executive Chairman of No-Slips Limited on Friday.

Addressing newsmen, Mr. Igbinidu said that, the company is out to reduce slip and fall accidents in homes and public places especially hotels and restaurants in Nigeria, which records a large number of footfalls on a daily basis.

He said that, according to, there are about 400 hotel bookings on a daily basis with over 12,000 bookings monthly adding that a restaurants or fast food outlet in Nigeria welcomes at least 500 visitors on a daily basis and 15000 customers monthly.

Mr. Igbinidu explained that these large number of customers who patronize these institutions are indirectly exposed to the dangers of slip and fall accidents upon their visit to these luxury relaxation centers as a result of wet or slippery floors, bathroom or swimming pools.

According to him the National Safety Council reported that close to 25,000 people go to the hospital everyday as a result of slip and fall injuries while about five deaths are recorded. Adding that, according to the National Floor Safety Institute, more than 3 million food service employees and over a million guests are injured annually due to slip and fall accidents in restaurants alone.

“Popular hotels and restaurants welcome a lot of sophisticated guests all the timeand as a result, have their floors mopped regularly to maintain a clean ambience. By doing this, most times they leave wet floors that can cause slip and fall accident. Also, foods and beverages are constantly being served. Any dropped tray of food or any spilled drink is a potential hazard for the guests as well as the staff. Restaurant kitchens are even more dangerous, and in peak hours, it is just not possible for the staff to watch every step while walking.

“It is then the responsibility of the restaurant owners to ensure that the restaurant floors are safe to walk, for guests and staff alike.

“Slip and fall accidents mostly result in wounds, injuries, pain, and medical bills. It brings various legal implications, especially when it comes to commercial establishments.

“The safety of the guests becomes a natural responsibility of the property owner, who is held responsible of any and every accident occurring on the property premises. As a victim, the guests can file a personal injury claim and the company might end up paying medical bills as compensation.

“The best way to avoid these mishaps is therefore, a permanent solution which according which No-Slips Limited offers.

“The vision of the company is to reduce the chances of people’s exposure to slip and fall accidents and its egregious consequences. We want to make hotels, restaurants and other public places safer with the use of Surestep anti-slip chemicals.” Igbinidu said.

The No-Slips Limited chairman said that, though some hotels and restaurants are trying in their own little way to protect their customers from slip and fall accident through placement of mat on floors and bathtubs, but the effort could be adverse.

He revealed that the life span of a bath mat is less than six months while the suction cup of the bath mat collects fungus if not properly cleaned and sanitized after each use. He further explained that the cleaning process represents about two to three minutes of distasteful labor and as a result, many people would rather risk a slip and fall accident than clean a bathmat. He further explained that at this age and time, no one will want to place a bathmat on a hotel bathtub and sit on it because of exposure to diseases.

Mr. Igbinidu pointed out that, there are daily reports of people sustaining life threatening injuries as a result of slip and fall accident in hotels and restaurants despite effort to prevent it.

“There has been reports of people who lost their lives or sustained permanent disabilities as a result of slip and fall accidents in public places such as hotels, restaurants, conference halls, event centers etc as a result of wet and slippery floors.

 “We all have experienced a slip at some time or another and it always comes as a surprise, we can never seem to be too careful. The consequences sometimes are unpleasant” he said.

He recalled the incident that happened to a friend of his who slipped in his bathroom while trying to have a shower, hit his head and died.

“This kind of sorrowful incident can easily be avoided if precautionary measures are put in place and that is where ‘No-Slips’ comes in. We treat your floors, bathtubs, swimming pool floors with Surestep Products to make them resistant to slips and prevent falls when floors are wet. The product has been developed and proven for concrete, quarry tile, spanish tile, ceramic tile, glazed brick, marble, terrazzo, porcelain/enamel, and many other hard mineral surfaces. Every floor and bathtub treated with Surestep is guaranteed to have an increased coefficient of friction for at least six months to two years.” He said.

Igbinidu added that, though some Nigerians are aware of slip and fall accidents which according to him is one of the most common domestic accidents in Nigeria, they are yet to come to the reality of its dangers and how to prevent it.

“No-Slips Limited is therefore into the business of giving that peace of mind while pointing out that we can never seem to be too careful as slip and fall accidents happen unexpectedly.” He said.  

No-Slips Limited is the authorized distributor of Surestep’s anti-slip chemicals proven to be effective in the treatment of all kinds of floors; swimming pool, ceramic, concrete, quarry tile, spanish tile, ceramic tile, glazed brick, marble, terrazzo, porcelain/enamel, and many other hard mineral surfaces.