Nobody Uses LOL Anymore –Facebook


The acronym for ‘Laugh Out Loud’ (LOL) which was once the universal sign of online amusement is seems to be fading away fast.

According to a Facebook study into ‘e-laughing’ says it has been replaced by ‘haha’ and emoji. Just 1.9% of posts feature LOL, the site says, compared with 51.4% for ‘haha’.

Emoji takes second place with 33% while ‘hehe’ follows with 13%.

The study also found a gender split in how people express their amusement on the social network, with men typically using ‘haha’ or ‘hehe’, while women use emoji more.

The study was carried out after a feature was published in The New Yorker magazine in April looking at the different ways that people show they’re amused using text.

Facebook decided to analyse posts from the US in the last week of May, and has now published its findings.