Olashore & Ogunbuyi Highlight Challenges For The Future Of Nigerian Youths


The Chairman/Chief Executive, Trans Communications, and the Guest Speaker, Dr Yemi Ogunbiyi, has tasked Olashore International School Students on Commitment and determination.  He said this while speaking on “The Challenges for the Future of Nigerian Youths” at the Olashore Speech and Prize Giving Day recently held at Illoko-Ijesha, Osun State.

He encouraged them to take some lessons which would help them overcome challenges in future as youths. His words: “Remember those lessons I said you must take away from this great school, the lessons of hard-work, leadership, resilience, tolerance, attributes of self-confidence, commitment and determination. You must hold on to them because you will need them as you journey through life. And I can think of no greater way to achieve your goals than through these attributes. By all means, you should have role models after whom you can pattern your lives. But remember: your life DNA is given to you at birth. Don’t confuse it by living the script of another person’s life, whoever they may be. For in the end, role models are good only in so far as they help you achieve your highest goal in life. By all means, dream big dreams. But remember: dreaming is not enough. You must also be doers. As young men and women, you must believe in the incredible power of the human mind, of working very hard, of making a difference, of starting something new, because you have to believe that anything is possible. That is the beauty of being young; to believe that with an idea, determination and the right tools, anything is possible. Let your instincts, your intellect and your heart guide you. Without question, there will be times when you may be tempted to give up, when you may seem to be pushing yourself too hard. But you must persist because anything worth doing well seldom comes easy.”

On his part, the Principal of the School, Mr Derek Smith, reiterated “The whole essence of the speech and prize-giving day is to celebrate all the students that did well in the last academic year in individual subjects offered across the year. The Criteria for adjudging the best students stemmed from the result assessment throughout term 1,2 and 3 in each subject, and in each year group. My advice for the prize-winners is for them to keep it up because this is a very competitive school, and so we encourage students to work very hard to maintain their positions because there’s someone else challenging you for your position. My advice to other students is to keep pushing to get the best in their academics. In order to improve on the quality of students being produced, we need to look at the quality of our work. Currently we have lots of projects going on. This year we involved technology by introducing iPads for learning. We have that for the teachers and for students so that by 2016 they will be used to the system of working with the iPads. In the senior classes, we already introduced Online Podcast for students offering IGSCE subjects. It will help them to improve on international subjects. This applies to majorly Year 12 students. We will be running with Year 10 and 11 students next term. The Podcast is used in variety of ways. For example, the podcast is online so whether they are in school or at home they can use it. We recommend the teachers to give them the playlist of podcast of various topics in various subject, so they can read up. It’s similar to the playlists that all these young people use. It can also be used in form of videos such that the teachers can use them for introduction of a topic in classrooms during lessons. They can’t use them during exams but they can use them for revisions before going in for exams”.

The best prize winner in this year’s Prize-Giving Day Miss Mofiyinfoluwa Okupe, a 16year old girl in year 12 students and the Media Prefect who clinched awards in 9 subjects, x-rayed her feelings as the best awardee. “It’s a very satisfying feeling being one of the awardees and specifically the best awardee. I feel happy and fulfilled and I feel humbled because I recognize that it’s not my efforts alone that brought me here. It’ s a combined effort of my teachers, my friends, and of course God. There’s a lot of hard work and dedication involved, a lot of midnight self -readings and group readings because no man is an Island, amongst others, that were inculcated to attain this height. Olashore has inculcated in me the ability of hard work and competition, never to sit back and relax. Olashore School keeps you going, doesn’t allow you to just be complacent. The School community as a whole, encourages dedication and steadfast work. I hope to be the best graduating student by the end of the session when I would be graduating from the school, and I really hope to put all the effort it takes to get that result. My advice for my juniors coming behind me is for them to work very hard because it’s not easy and a lot of times, they have to make sacrifices, such that while others are playing and catching fun, they should sit back and be focused. Focus is very important because that’s the main aim of what we are here to do. Never allow yourself to be side-tracked by unnecessary side attractions. So focus, hard work, and of course keeping God in all your plans and studies is what I preach to them”.

In order to add spice to the event, a street within the school was named after one of the active Foundation Board of Governor members. The Chairman, Olashore International School, Prince Abimbola Olashore, reiterates “Olashore is a school that believes in appreciating all those who have contributed in one way or the other to the growth of the school. Naming one of the streets of the School after Mallam Saleh Jambo was one of the things we thought we could use to honour him, being one of the active and supportive members of the Foundation Board of Governors. When the school was about to start, him and Kabieyesi were the ones who sat down to discuss the strategy of the school. Even the first principal of the school was to be employed; he was the one who went to intervene on behalf of Kabieyesi in the UK. Also when he saw the location of the school and saw the difficulty of getting students, he donated six (6) coaster buses for transporting the students all around   and he was a very active member of the board. And I think it is needful to remember all those who made contributions at one time or the other. If we don’t name it after him, people may not know his contributions to the school”.

Olashore International School (OIS) is a private co-educational school committed to academic excellence, and nurturing children to their full potential in a safe and serene environment, developing leaders for the dynamic global society in the 21st century.