Poverty: what’s the way forward?

I felt so sad this afternoon to see a young teenager on the street sourcing for surviver. I went to cover an event this morning on my way coming a friend of mine saw me while waiting at the bus stop and  picked me up.  We drive through Opebi-Sheraton link, Ikeja, capital of Lagos. Getting to Opebi road I saw this young promising teenager washing a car windscreen in other to get a living. And this how many young teenagers do to survive. The question is who is their parent?
Many people give them money while others ignore them. How long would they be able to do this? Is there any future for them? What will the society turn to people like them? Honestly I felt for this young promising teenagers.
I wonder what is in the society is turning into? Someone who is suppose to be in school studying ,is out there at that tender age looking for a way of survival.
They said young shall grow. If the young grows and nothing to back them up, they might turn to something different and the society will be polluted.
I think there should be a law that guide birth rate so that people don’t just give birth, abandon their child and the child begin to suffer just like that.
May God help us?