President Buhari Hosts Kid Admirers In Aso Villa


President Muhammadu Buhari on Monday hosted three young admirers in the State House, who have shown high interest in his administration and prayed for his recovery during ill-health.

They included three-year old Maya Jammal, who became an internet sensation, when her videoed prayer for the President’s recovery went viral, and 10 year-old Aisha Aliyu Gebbi, who penned a personal letter to President Buhari, describing herself as his “biggest fan”.

The third person is Nicole Benson, 12 years old, who contributed N5,785 to the President’s campaign in 2015, which she saved from her lunch and pocket allowance.

According to a statement issued by the Special Adviser on Media and Publicity Femi Adesina, the President said: “I am very impressed by what the children have been able to do.

“I can see Maya is shy. I watched her video where she was praying for my recovery when I was ill.”

The President attributed his victory at the polls to the contributions of good hearted Nigerians, like young Nicole, who is from Lagos State.

She showed her support by sending her personal savings.

“Nicole, I congratulate you, and myself for being here today. Your contribution made a great impact. As you can see, I am here in the Presidential Villa. Thank you,” he said.

Buhari told Aisha that her letter was heart-warming, noting that he felt re-assured knowing he had fans among the children.

“Thank you very much for the letter,” he said.

The President said he looked forward to more visits from the children.

“I am hoping that it will not be the first and last time we will be meeting while I am here. We will continue to meet even after I have left here,” he said.

Aliyu Ibrahim Gebbi, who spoke on behalf of the parents, said the President’s gesture of inviting the children to the Presidential Villa was a dream come true.

Gebbi said the invitation also added to the President’s long standing record of good heartedness and fairness.

“In a nation with few legends and accuracy of truth, we look up to you Mr. President and our children are looking up to you,” he added.

Maya lives in the FCT. Aisha came in from Bauchi State.