Rumours Of Diamond Platinumz Death Is A Hoax


Death rumours reports on Diamond Platinumz has been circulating on social media in the past few hours.

It was alleged that the Tanzanian hip-hop recording artist Diamond Platnumz, was rushed to the hospital after driving his Porsche into a ditch and He reportedly claimed he died in the hospital.

Well, Diamond Platnumz posted a picture of his mum on his Instagram with a whole caption in Swahili, part of which was translated as I love you Mama.(Nakupenda Mama).

“Ijumaa Mubarak from my Beloved Mom @mama_dangote ��.. Kama unampenda mama yako andika hapo chini “Nakupenda mama,” it reads in Swahili.

“Friday Mubarak from my Beloved Mom @mama_dangote � .. .. If you love your mother write below “I love you mom,” it reads in English.

It seems like it was his attempt to dispel rumours of his death. Live long Diamond!