Trending Casuals: Ralph Lauren Round Necks And Polo


By: Jesutomi Rotimi

polosRalph Lauren born Ralph Lifshitz October 14, 1939, is an American fashion designer, philanthropist, and business executive, best known for the Ralph Lauren clothing company, a global multi-billion-dollar enterprise. He is out and at it again releasing to the fashion world the latest casuals of round necks and pools.

These products which have been in the international market scene for a while now and recently in the Nigerian market is all over the place trending and becoming more popular among both male and female fashionistas in the country day by day.

The products for round necks come in both short sleeves and long sleeves of plain colours marks on with the trade mark at the right side of the chest and there are designs for both sexes too. However, the polo comes in only short sleeves and is of both plain and stripped pattern but the trend right now is more of the plain and the trade mark is also located at the right side of the chest.

PoloRalph Lauren’s Polos and round necks can be rocked on a pair of chinos or jeans material. For the female sex however, some of the Polos could be in form of a mini grown of which you needless wear any other thing under it.

It is the latest casuals this season and it can make you look so good and yet simple.