True Friendship Is Best Shared Together With “33” Export Lager Beer

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I’m a gentleman who really don’t like beer at all. But as a journalist, while working in newsroom you will learn a lot from your colleagues in the office. There is this my former senior colleague who is a diehard fan and drinker of “33” Export Lager Beer, he drinks every evening after work. He knows every popular bar or joints in Lagos where he used to visit with his friends to have fun. Because he normally drops me off my bus stop with his car so, I have to wait for him every day after close of work. While waiting for him one day, I wonder what’s the enjoyment he derives from drinking “33” Export Lager Beer? So, I give it a try and I love the taste.

In a short time, he has made many friends who also love to drink “33” Export Lager Beer, they asked and call each other almost every day to have a drink together and I had no choice but to join the responsible beer drinkers near me.

So, on one Friday night, the house was very boring because my wife, who is a health worker has gone to work. Then I started thinking of what to do to make my night a memorable one after a long stressful week, unite with my old friends and make more friends in my area afterall I just moved in into the area.

Meanwhile there was a friend of mine who we normally hangout at the weekends but we have not seen each other for a while.

Like Cicero said ‘Life is nothing without friendship’. So, in a bit to ignite friendship with him, I put a call across to him to meet at a popular joint near my house ofcourse we both are lover of “33” Export Lager Beer. Guess what? The only question my friend asked is that; is there a chance for a “33” Export Lager Beer at the joint?

So, after a few minutes of discussion we order for two bottles of “33” Export Lager Beer which helps us to reunite our old friendship.

In very close to four decades of the existence of this premium Lager beer in Nigeria, it has been the only companion to many Nigerian men by reuniting them on a common idea in just meeting at a club, bar or joint after work.

By meeting at a club, bar or joint and drinking of a bottle of “33” Export Lager Beer, businesses are negotiated and ideas are generated that’s why many men will not do without visiting a bar after a long and stressful work-day to relax their nerves and cool their body with a bottle of “33” Export Lager Beer every day.

No wonder when you called some executives during the day to discuss business ideas with them they will tell you “let’s meet at the club in the evening”, then you asked yourself why club, the simple answer to it is to be free and have a bottle of “33” Export Lager Beer near them so that the discussion can go smoothly.

In fact, some called it inspiration.

I know of many people when they gets frustrated on issues or in a tight corner of their thinking on an idea, they go for “33” Export Lager Beer.

Very many Nigerian men most especially those working on the Island who don’t want to spend the rest of their day in Lagos traffic, always find a club, bar or joint to hang out with their colleagues and friends after work and drink a bottle of “33”  Export Lager Beer to make their evening a special one before heading home.

Another thing “33” Export Lager Beer has done for many Nigerian men in close to four decades is that, it has helped them to shared true friendship together either in their home, club, bar or at a joint.

Because this premium Lager beer is an international quality lager brewed to satisfy, restore, refresh and reward a man with a generous, approachable and fun loving personality after a long stressful day of work.

 “33” Export Lager Beer will help and connect you with people that ordinarily you might not have access to because of its class in the society.

Because true friendship is best shared together.

So, “33” Export Lager Beer is not just a beer; it’s a lifestyle of many Nigerian men who knows how to best enjoy themselves with their friends and drinks responsibly so that they can come together tomorrow to enjoy themselves.

These men always think that, there would always be tomorrow, so they drink moderate at all time.

I’m above 18, so I preach the gospel of drinking responsibly with my friends.

Damilare Bankole
Managing Editor,
Twitter: @amDamilare
WhatsApp: +2348025837037