UN Names Denmark as the World Happiest People


United Nations (UN)’s first comprehensive survey on national mood has rated Nigerians as the 100th happiest people in the world, South Africans as the 90th and Namibians as the 97th.
Nigeria was rated in a 2010 Gallup global poll as having the “happiest people on earth” two years ago. The poll of 64,000 people which comprises 53 countries around the world found Nigerians to be the most optimistic in the world in their outlook in 2011.
The Happiness Ranking report rated Denmark at the top of the scale, ahead of Finland, Norway, the Netherlands and Canada, Britain and the United States while Togo, which was rated at the bottom of the scale was declared the nation of the least happy citizens in the world.
The 158-page report, which covered 156 countries, largely found that the world’s wealthiest nations were the happiest, on a sliding scale but it also found that money does not just buy happiness.
The report concluded with “It is not just wealth that makes people happy: Political freedom, strong social networks and an absence of corruption all play a part…other factors found to be important to happiness include personal health, job security and stable family life.”
Culled from ChanneslTV

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