What’s Good For Democracy Is Good For Business –Tony Elemelu


I was pleased to welcome BBC reporter Lerato Mbele to the offices of Heirs Holdings, a few days ago. I have a lot of respect for Lerato and the work she does in Africa.

As an entrepreneur and philanthropist, I take a keen interest in democracy and business, particularly in Africa. It is important to have an effective democratic system so that the private sector can remain competitive and the interests of the people are protected. Democratic governments are more likely to adopt policies that support local economic development and foster a legal system that settles disputes fairly. These are essential elements to a thriving private sector in Africa.

For this reason, through the research and policy arm of the Tony Elumelu Foundation, The Africapitalism Institute, we apply research, engage key stakeholders, and advocate for public policies and business practices that will unlock opportunities for all Africans.

More work from the Africapitalism Institute will be released throughout the year, and it is my desire to truly see public sector and private sector collaborations take precedence. This will be for the greater good of businesses and society.

Credit: Tony Elemelu Foundation