Who Wore It Better?


Tokunbo Modupe fondly called Toks is the Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of TPT International, a public relations company in Lagos. He has spent over 25 years in the industry managing accounts of multinational, international companies and governments in the country.

Toks Modupe
Toks Modupe

Toks is a fashionista. He always come out with a very creative designs of different types of suits, local fabrics and you can hardly see him with the same wears anytime you see him. Apart from been a creative brands manager he’s also known to be a creative designer and can sketch designs himself.

Emeka 1

Emeka Opara is a Director of Corporate Communications & CSR, working with Airtel Nigeria, he’s also known to be an excellent creative designer.

The clothes was designs by Toks and created by Emeka’s Ethelberts design company.

So who wore it better Toks or Emeka?