Why Consumers Prefer Ace Roots – Oluwalusi


Nigerian Breweries  Plc’s Zonal Business Manager – West, Opeyemi Oluwalusi has revealed the secret behind consumers’ preference for the company’s newest product, Ace Roots, ready-to-drink (RTD) herbal mixture the company launched into the Nigerian beverage market recently.

According to Oluwalusi who introduced the product to the company’s teeming trade partners (retailers, distributors, bar operators) and consumers at separate Trade launch/unveiling of the product in Ibadan, Oyo State and Akure, Ondo State recently, “Ace Roots” has come fill a yawning gap. I make bold to say that Ace Roots is the only product in the market today that is offering consumers what they want from herbal drinks. It’s the only ready-to-drink herbal drink in Nigeria today that is actually made from natural herbal extracts,” he said.

He explained that Ace Roots is a product of painstaking research by NB Plc. into consumers’ demands, feedback from the company’s in-depth consultations with critical stakeholders (trade partners – retailers, distributors, and bar/entertainment spot operators).

“At Nigerian Breweries Plc., we love to respond to consumers’ demands. The feedback you brought to us from consumers during our consultations with you critical stakeholders played critical roles in the making of the product we are here to unveil to you,” he told his audience in Akure.

He disclosed that there were high expectation and urge from consumers and NB Plc trade partners for the company to come up with its own brand of herbal drink when the company’s oldest competitor, Guinness Nigeria Plc. launched ORIJIN into the market sometimes last year.

“ When our competitor came up with her brand sometimes last year and stakeholders like you and our teeming consumers started asking when is Nigerian Breweries going to come out with her own brand of herbal mixture drink?  We appealed to you to exercise patience and explained that we are working on some extraordinary. This was because we need time to carry our proper research and consultations with you critical stakeholders. The result of that painstaking research and consultation is what we are launching and unveiling to you here today – Ace Roots,” he said.

Oluwalusi explained that consumers prefer Ace Roots today because it is the only product that is offering what they want. “It is the only product in the market today that caters for the consumers’ wellbeing and welfare.

“Ace Roots is produced with concern for the consumers’ health and wellbeing. It is the only drink with the lowest sugar content in the market today. Other so-called herbal drinks contain as much as five cubes of sugar, but Ace Roots has just one cube of sugar. Whereas others are mainly a mixture of flavours, sugar and spirits (alcohol), Ace Roots is made with actual herbal juice extract from age-long roots, leaves and herbs. But more importantly, Ace Roots offers consumers great value for their money. I can assure you that Ace Roots will not bore holes into your pockets.

“These are some of the reasons why consumers are fast changing Ace Roots,” he said.

He said his marketing and sales team is not losing sleep over competitors’ accusation of the new product as a ‘bully’ despite being a debutant.

“That goes to show that Ace Roots is not only a threat, but is fast taking leadership of the market. Why should we worry over what we should celebrate? If Ace Roots is already being labeled a ‘bully’ by competitors, it means they already conceded leadership of the market to the product. If that is the case, then we should pop more bottles of Ace Roots in celebration,” he enthused.

He explained further that Ace Roots has not only come to change the beverage market landscape, Ace Roots will definitely define Nigeria’s nightlife in the years ahead. “The truth is, who wouldn’t change his/her game to low sugar? That’s part of what Ace Roots is offering – ‘change your game to low sugar’.

He listed the rich herbal content of Ace Roots to include: kolanut, ginger roots, chilli pepper, sweet orange, bitter orange, ginseng roots, cocoa bean, ASPARTME plus seven other fruits, spice and herbs.a