Woman Spent $30,000 To Look Like Kim Kardashian


A 25-year-old Brit Claire Leeson, has spent about $30,000 to look like her favourite star, the Kim Kardashian. She paid such huge amount of money on hair extensions, breast implants, spray tans and make-up in a bid to emulate her favourite star.

She appeared on UK chat show “This Morning” on Monday, Leeson detailed the costly process, which has taken more than seven years so far.
“Firstly I started getting my teeth whitened which I started doing at 17, 18,” she said on the show.
“Then I wanted my boobs enhanced to the same size as Kim’s.”
And how does she emulate Kardashian’s famous shapely derrière? Well, she hasn’t opted for surgery yet.
“I wear pants with a silicone implant inside. I didn’t wear them today as they didn’t go with my dress. They feel fairly real.”
“I’m currently researching [real] implants and having fat transferred from all areas of my body put into my bum.”