Women Groups Canvass Against Hate Speeches

...seek more appointment for women in governance


Coalition of women oriented civil society, Non-Governmental Organisations and professional bodies under the aegis of #NGWomen4Peace, (NigerianWomen4Peace) have lend their voice in support of campaign against hate speeches and other misinformation which are inimical to the unity of the country.

The group is also seeking for more political appointment for women so that inequity, injustice and discrimination against women in almost every facet of life in Nigeria can be reduced to bearest minimal.

Addressing journalists at the Secretariat of Nigerian Union of Journalists (NUJ), Press Centre, Ibadan, the Oyo State capital, #NGWomen4Peace South West Zonal Press Conference, the coordinator of the group, Ifeyinwa Omowole said it is high time for Nigerian women to be at the forefront of campaigning against any act such as hate speeches, broadcast and re-broadcast falsehood and dissemination of any information capable of threaten the unity of the country.

In a Independent Day message with the topic: Peace. Dialogue. De-escalation. Women Leadership “No Be Fight”, Omowole who is the National President of  National Association of Women Journalists (NAWOJ) was flanked by Jadesola Ajibola, Oyo State Secretary, NAWOJ and Mahmud Folakemi Mustapha affirmed that such act of falsehood and misinformation may cause reprisal attack capable of jeopardising the peaceful coexistence of this country.

She explained that in any situation or community where peace and justice are missing, females are the most vulnerable and there is need for urgent attention to protect the present and future of Nigerian women.

“There is more reason we must live together than disintegrate, it is better to be on roundtable and discuss issues amicably rather than forment trouble and after come back to roundtable.

” Women is taking the initiative to speak positively either one on one, in a group, mostly on social media such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter and others to forestall all kinds of act that can treat the unity of this country”.

NAWOJ President retriated her call for increasing number of women appointee in governance in a such a way if not having ratio 50-50, at least it should be 70-30 in all ramifications. 

Omowole disclosed that the group decided to celebrate 57th Independent Day Anniversary in a unique manner with a celebration tagged “White Blouse Day” as white connotes peaceful coexistence.