Yoruba Youth Forum Condemns Tinubu’s Attack On Obasanjo


The Yoruba Youth Forum has condemned the national leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu for his derogatory statement on the former President, and the Ebora Owu, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo who is one of the highly respected Yoruba leaders of this generation.

The forum in a statement by its chairman, comrade, Olusegun Abiodun Bolarinwa,  pointed out that  it was very sad  that someone like Tinubu, a Yoruba  man was the one being used to attack the former President who has done so much for Nigeria as a Military Head of State and as a civilian President.

Comrade Bolarinwa     said that it was not just by a mere coincidence that Obasanjoruled Nigeria as a civilian and as a Military man but an act of God, saying that today, Obsanjo still remain the issue because he is a true detribalized Nigerian who puts Nigeria as his priority other than ethnic consideration and that he has not been sentimental about this.

‘’Because of his boldness, and intellectual ability, he remains an international figure whose opinions are highly respected  all over the world and for casting aspersions on such an highly respected leader who has done so much for  Nigeria and the international community, one would say that Tinubu has exhibited arrogance and disrespect  a leader that has been championing the unity of Nigeria, which is not expected of him since he Tinubu claimed to be a Yoruba  and a political leader who should know better.

Tinubu who claimed to be one of the Yoruba leaders, should have known that it is a taboo,  for him, to disrespect an elder while his actions recently are worrisome  and the Yoruba Youth forum is now wonderingwhat has come over him for his continuous misbehaviors.

One would recall too that during the electioneering campaign, for the Governorship in OSUn State, Tinubu openly insulted the people of osun State with his statement that he was richer than the people of Osun State put together and that he presented GboyegaOyetola of the APC because he wanted to bail the people of Osun State out of poverty

The Yoruba Youth forum regarded this statement as an insult on the Yoruba race and not expected of Tinubu who should have known better than an ordinary politician.

Comrade Bolarinwa pointed out that the Form kept quit then but the group now felt that for Tinubu to have moved further to attack Obasanjo calling him as an unserious man who should not be taken seriously, deserve our reaction as Yoruba Youths who would not want anything to disrupt the peace that we enjoy in the South West because his stamen on Obasanjo could cause chaos and as such we just have to put him in order.

Comrade Bolarinwa declared that the action of Tinubu against the Afenifere and the true Awoist is still fresh in the minds of every Yoruba person, pointing out that Tinubu instead of bee grateful to the Afenifere betrayed the only strong organization fighting the cause of the Yoruba nation.

According to the Yoruba Youth Forum, he was not grateful to Afenifere the platform which he used to rise  to stardom,  to become what he is today. He also disrespected its leaders like Pa Abraham Adesanya, Late chief OlanihunAjayi, Chief OluFalae, and Chief Ayo Adebanjo who helped him.

“He is now doing the same to Chief Obasanjo who now a rallying point of the Yoruba nation. He should stop his antics and it is now funny that Tinubu now wants to curry the favour of the Living Afenifere by going to meet their leaders to actualize his next political agenda

“We believe that if Tinubu is not put to check, his political utterances, could put the Yoruba nation on fire that could divide the us for the struggle of self-actualization a the one voice of the Yoruba people, for  restructuring which Tinubu has always gone against to serve the interests of his masters.’’

 The Yoruba Youth Forum warned Tinubu to stop being treacherous and his betrayal on the Yoruba people if he is actually is one of us.‘’He should at this period when the entire country is tensed, when there is anger, hunger and insecurity in the land not engage in any inflammatory  statement that can ignite  crisis’’

Comrade Bolarinwa therefore called on Tinubu to repent and tender unreserved apology to Chief Obasanjo


Raji Adebayo, Ibadan
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