Youth Corper Owned a house in Lekki through Maltina Promo

Senior Brand Manager, Maltina, Mrs Ngozi Nkwoji presenting the House keys to Maurice Eze, a winner of the Maltina Home Promo in Lagos.

Maurice Eze, 24, hailed from Imo State, Nigeria, a graduate of Environmental Management Technology from Imo State University, Owerri. Like every other fresh graduate youths in Nigeria, hope for brighter future like having a car, building a house and raising family despite the deteriorating Nigeria economy. The second child from a family of four (3 males and a female), Maurice, a 24 years old Corp member now serving with Ecobank Nigeria Plc in Lagos struggled to complete his university degree amidst “tears and sweat” with massive assistance from the parents Mr. and Mrs. Eze, civil servants who lives in Lagos.
With the challenges of living in rented apartment in Lagos, Maurice’s parent still deem it fit to rejoice with any of the family member on special occasions. One of such occasions was on April 1, 2012, that happened to be the birthday of Maurice’s father, Mr. Eze. The family decided to buy two crates of Maltina to entertain guest and other well wishers. Knowing fully well that the drinks are not for any of the family, Maurice not knowing there was a promotion on Maltina, sneaked to get a taste of a bottle without the knowledge of others and after a refreshing drink; the look of the cork attracted him. Maurice peeled the inlay of the cork and to his surprise he found that he has won N5, 000 cash! Maurice could not conceal his joy and he went to the father to show him the crown cork that won N5, 000 cash for him.
‘Since there’s been an empty crate of Maltina at home I suggested we buy Maltina for my father’s birthday. After seeing the N5, 000 cash crow cork, i had forgotten that it’s a secret that am drinking the malt and went to my father to show him what i won. Expecting him to be happy like me, him and my mum scolded me for my act and instructed me to replace the one bottle i took with another one crate of Maltina from the money i’ll collect from the redemption centre. After redeeming the cash i bought the one crate of Maltina as directed and that makes me to be on the look out for another chance of winning” he revealed.
The winning made the Eze’s parent to lift the ban on every part of the family not to take the malt drink and this got them on the look out for N1million winning as the family is in dare need of money to change their accommodation from the small rented apartment they resides. In their search, the family got other letters except letter E to complete the S.M.I.L.L.E to become a winner in the Maltina National Consumer promotions as they target the monetary winning with the perception that the 2 houses remaining out of the 5 for the promo cannot be theirs.

Representative of the President, Nigeria Institute of Quality Surveyors, Mr. Olayemi Shonubi presenting the House keys to Rev. Phillip Abur, a winner of the Maltina Home promo in Lagos  NCP winner 2
‘On April 7, i got the letter E and show all the members of the family. We sent the SMS with the code to the number given together after carefully checking that there was no mistake. Leaving everything to God even though I was somehow expectant, the family continue the plan for relocation. Coincidentally, I was at Shoprite in Lekki with my siblings for shopping that Saturday when I got the call. When the first call came in it wasn’t clear so I had to cut it to move to where the reception was better. When the caller called again, it was a female voice and she said her name is Kemi Adetigba, calling on behalf of Maltina. Immediately I heard that the call was from Maltina, it dawn on me that something positive has happen, out of excitement I screamed when I was eventually told I won a 3bedroom apartment in Lekki. I couldn’t wait to finish the shopping and i went home with my siblings to break the news to our parent. We continued the celebration from there on.
With excitement glittering all over him Maurice responded at the house presentation in Lekki that the family is moving in immediately. ‘Am a landlord! This is unbelievable! What else can i say to Nigeria breweries than thank you. Maltina, am really grateful. I believe this is a starting point for us in our family. How many brands in this country appreciate their consumers like this? Maltina, i thank you for moving me to another level of my life. My colleague in Ecobank who use to see me as a mere copper now accord me some respect and everyone is happy for it.
Winning this house will not deter me from working; I will still continue to work because as a young man I have so many plans to achieve. This 3bedroom apartment has provided me a platform that will not make worry about accommodation at least for now’ he exclaimed.
Speaking at the presentation, Mrs. Ngozi Nkwoji, Senior Brand Manager, Maltina said the brand is all about “sharing happiness” and family bonding. “The Maltina story has always been the story of sharing, friendship, trust, togetherness and faithfulness. It is all about bringing the people together in an atmosphere of friendship. And what better way of bringing people together than by providing them with a big three bedrooms home where they can live as one family.”
She stressed that the reason for the promo stem from the domino effect of the huge success of the 2011 re-launch of Maltina with a new packaging upgrade, new communication and revised positioning which had a positive impact on the brand’s volume, market share and overall equity which also rubbed off on the consumers who shared in the good fortune, smiling home with fantastic prizes after the post event launch. The success of that year and the yearnings of consumers was what prompted the promo.
The promotions which ended on May 25th 2012 started from April 2nd and it was crown cork based with two categories of winning crown corks-‘instant winning crown corks’ and ‘alphabet code crown corks’.